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The Eye of Horus has been used for many metaphors over the years.,i.e, "Eye of the mind, Third Eye, Eye of the truth or insight the eye of god in the human mind."

Eye of Horus "Left Eye"

The Egyptian most frequently refers to the Eye of Horus, which is dipicted as the left eye and represents healing, protection and wisdom. 


The eye was seen to as a protector, warding off the forces of chaos, and an aggressive forces seeking out, seeking out enemies. We see this in the myth of Sekhmet when she, in the role of eye, laid waste to humanity. 


Rahn Anthoni 

This is a show about how to become the master of your YouTube channel and how to captivate your desired audience with the minimum of resources

Real Issues 

Real Issues is a show that uplifts you from what ever you've been through. 

This is about living from within because if you live from within then you will be able to live a peaceful life

The Frequency of Music 

What does 42 Hz do to the brain 
The 432 frequency music heightens perception, increase the mental clarity of a person and unlock intuition. Generally, this frequency has been proven to be a healing frequency since it reduces anxiety, lowers the heart rate, and blood pressure. 

What is the effect f 440 Hz 
440 Hz considered "cerebral music" that helps with listener's cognitive development and is associated with the activation of the third eye charka. Listening to the higher frequency is extremely potent an an effortless way to experience a deeper dive within our consciousness, 

Music is what makes the world go around.  We must put great music in the air in order to keep us grounded. 

The Spotlight is on Billy Carson for the Month of March!

Billy Carson, is on my page because he's  who I listen too all the time. Billy has nothing to do with Wmqg Radio. I have him on this page so that you can research this man of honor.  When you listen to him it will change your way of living once you take what he says and apply it from witin you. This way the power in you will activate and that's when you learn. This man is leading people back to the water within them to drink. 


The Sphinx of Giza 

A Mythical Experience 

  • Created: around 2500 BC 

  • Location: GIZA EGYPT 

  •  Material: Limestone

“Everyone likes to see great videos, but few people actually know how hard it is to create great content every time!"

Veronica Albert - Show Host


Billy Carson breaks down the decode all the esoteric, messages, metaphysics, technology and quantum mechanics for the readers. 


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